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HaverstockLarry Haverstock was born in Hawthorne, California in 1952.  He attended a Catholic Parochial School for seven years before the family moved to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, south of Los Angeles, where he attended public schools for the eighth grade and High School.  An avid student, he participated in speech competitions as a youth.  His mother was a swimming instructor so he also swam in the Amateur Athletic Union swimming meets.

Larry joined the Army in 1970 immediately after High School graduation.  He served as a radio teletype operator and mail clerk but also attended the paratrooper, Recondo, and Special Forces Ranger schools.


In 1973 Larry fulfilled a personal promise and read the Bible from cover to cover.  His shock at discovering that the Scriptures have NOTHING positive to say in defense of either Roman Catholicism or Protestant Denominationalism (and on many points specifically condemn their practices) ignited a life long interest in God's Word and the Truth contained within it.  He was baptized into Christ on February 11, 1973 by Leonard Woods of the Lakeview church of Christ in Tacoma, Washington while stationed at Fort Lewis.  Upon his discharge he moved to Denver, Colorado, and attended the Bear Valley School of Preaching (as it was then called) from September of

1973 to June of 1975.  He met Donna Jean Fox in a Sunday morning Bible class there in September of 1974 and they married in December of 1975.  Donna was from Oklahoma and a graduate of York College in Nebraska.  Moving immediately to Kirkland, Washington, in the general Seattle area, they both studied the Bible in classes taught by Lowell Williams, Jim Puterbaugh, Barney Cargile, and Don Givens.  Larry also took courses in Greek, Church History, Counseling, and other subjects until early in 1979 when he began preaching for the newly formed Smokey Point Church of Christ up in the Arlington area of Northwest Washington.


During the 27 years from 1979 to 2006 Larry preached sermons and taught Bible classes four times a week for the Smokey Point church as well as conducting numerous personal Bible studies which resulted in dozens of baptisms. In addition, he wrote weekly articles and/or letters to the editor for the local newspaper which brought several souls to Christ.  In order to support his family while laboring in the Lord's vineyard Larry also worked as a rural mail carrier for 14 years, spent 6 years selling the now famous "Little Giant" ladders, 3 years as a driving instructor and 2 years selling dairy feed.  Donna raised their two sons while working first as a dental assistant and then for 23 years in various capacities for the Arlington School district.  Together they purchased some land, built a house, and also bought an ultralight aircraft called a "Trike" in which they flew around the beautiful mountains and valleys of northern Washington until 2006 when they moved to Snohomish, Washington and began preaching for the Kirkland church where they had been students three decades earlier.  From 2006 to 2012 they enjoyed the blessing of worshiping with their two sons, daughter in law, and granddaughters (Sophie & Kate) in Kirkland.  Their third grandchild, Tyler, was born after they moved to Eugene.


The opportunity to work with the Coburg Road church appealed greatly to Larry and Donna who moved to the Eugene area in August of 2012 and look forward to many years with the fine saints here.